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Why Investing in an LMS is a Priority in 2021

If you're reading this, you're probably aware that today's business environment requires employees to complete training of a variety of topics from company policies, business technology, management skills, safety and security practices, financial disclosure requirements, personally identifiable information, sexual harassment, hiring discrimination, and more.   Many of these training requirements come with legal regulations that require the company to keep records of each employee's compliance with these trainings. 

So how can you ensure that all users have access to the same high quality training regardless of location? 

For most companies asking this question, the answer is an LMS (Learning Management System). An LMS makes it easier for a company to ensure legal and regulatory compliance and to create a learning culture that rewards employees for staying informed, up-to-date, and contributing at their highest levels. If your business already uses Microsoft 365, an LMS built on Microsoft 365 and integrated with Sharepoint Online and Teams would have clear advantages.

Learning Management In The Microsoft 365 Cloud

FTG is proud to be an implementation partner with ELEARNINGFORCE and their cloud-based LMS365 product (winner of the ‘Best Office Store App’ at European SharePoint Conference 2016).

LMS365 provides top-shelf LMS capability to small and medium businesses for a fraction of the cost of what large corporations have only recently had to invest for the same capability. And because the cloud version of LMS365 is built "on top" of Office 365, it also provides a more familiar experience for business users.

In addition, tight integration with Office365 also significantly avoids having to create a separate silo of information for learning management.

Here are some other ways that LMS365 can help your business:

  • Identify and Leverage Current Skills.  By centralizing your training assets and tracking employee participation, an LMS can be used to identify and leverage existing skills and knowledge to meet specific demands (Instead of automatically hiring outside experts or new employees). 
  • Compliant Employees.  Automatically track training completed per user and remind users when required training or updates are due.   Compliance reports and automatic escalations are also a great time saver.
  •  Audit Preparedness Built-In.  Compliance and other audits can be a lot less stressful affairs if your LMS can easily show auditors verifiable lists of employees, training history, and test results.  Life's too short.
  • Training Dashboard.  Having all training resources in a centralized LMS makes it easier for people to find what they are looking for.  When people need training information, they know where to go.  Integration w/ Office365 enables social features so people can ask questions, share their experiences with the LMS, make suggestions, etc.  Dashboard shows users prior training completed and upcoming training required.  Gamification creates a friendly yet competitive learning environemt where recognition and rewards motivate learners to be the best.
  •  24/7 Availability.  Different people, different time zones, different schedules ... while classroom instruction can be helpful at times, it's rarely convenient and often incurs additional expense.  LMS365 is available 24/7 so users can get their training when it's most convenient for their individual schedules and priorities.  In addition, 24/7 availability is great when you want to review something after training is completed (e.g. when it's most relevant to the task or issue at hand). 
  •  Geographic Availability.  If you have multiple offices or remote workers, the worldwide availability of cloud-based LMS365 enables them to access their training from wherever they are.  Training without travel costs!  And you are ensured that regardless of where your employees are located, that they are getting the same high-quality training. 
  •  Ready-Made Training Content.  LMS365 is SCORM-compliant which means that pre-built training materials that are SCORM compliant can be quickly imported into LMS365.   These pre-built training materials are available for a number of industries and from a variety of vendors.  
  • Help correlate skills and competencies with business goals. Match current skills with requirements for current and future business goals and strategies.  Use skill gap analysis to plan new integrated training plans for key roles across the company.

The structured process we developed enables us to quickly and efficiently elicit the information we need from your management team and enables us to design and implement your LMS environment according to your unique business structure, priorities, and goals.

Now you can create, deliver, and track training in Office 365!

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"Learning management for the Modern Digital Workplace"

LMS365, the Office 365 LMS, helps learners find the training they need, identifies training they might need, and ensures participation in the training they're required to complete.

  • Use Office 365 tools to create courses for any user group or role
  • Create course catalogs with one-click enrollment and un-enrollment
  • Deploy SCORM packages as formalized courses or mini-training
  • Display personalized training progress on any SharePoint® page
  • Remind learners of training they haven’t completed
  • View progress reports and statistics by individual and course

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Got Training?

Creating good training content for regulatory compliance, management training, company policies, etc. can easily be a full-time job, or even a full-time department! Most SMB's don't have the critical mass to dedicate the resources required to fully meet the challenge and reap the full benefit from their LMS platform (if they have one at all).

Fortunately, through our partnership with Vado, we can now offer a library of fully developed courseware on a variety of topics. And these courses can easily be imported into the LMS365 environment and live alongside your custom courses to become part of a complete, integrated LMS solution.

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