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David Remillard

David Remillard

SharePoint Consultant
FTG Founder

Ex-centric O365 Cloud Migrations

The year 2011 marked the beginning of a distinct (some would say artificially induced) cloud surge that continues to this day. That's because 2011 was the last year that Microsoft included Exchange in its popular Small Business Server software bundle.

We're FTG, a Maine-based IT consulting company helping small to medium businesses across the US improve operational effectiveness through a holistic application of SharePoint and Office 365.

FTG has done a wide range of SharePoint projects for a variety of business types and sizes. We've worked on new implementations, branding projects, upgrades, governance, business intelligence, enterprise social, forms based workflow, document management, and custom development projects. Clients include software companies, financial services, insurance, real estate, high-tech manufacturing, professional services, non-profits and philanthropic organizations.

Before starting FTG in 2001 (the same year SharePoint made its debut), I had headed up IT for 4 different public companies and owned desktop-to-datacenter responsibility for all corporate technology that supported and integrated sales, marketing, finance, legal, product management, human resources, engineering, manufacturing, order management, customer service and support.

Clients often tell us that this real-world business experience separates us from other "technology-first" SharePoint shops and we discovered 3 important ways that our business IT background helps our clients:

  1. Business Perspective ... Our cross-functional business perspective helps us identify and bridge departmental gaps or information siloes in key business processes. This is especially important for things like business process automation and workflow, business intelligence and executive dashboards, intranet and extranet architecture, and collaborative project workspaces that enable distributed teams (e.g. staff and partners responding to proposals or working together on a project).
  2. Technology Experience ... Our cross-domain technology experience helps companies that have their own IT people, and enables us to more effectively communicate and collaborate with them, whether for division of labor on the project, to leverage existing capabilities, or to train your IT staff in the "care and feeding" of the solution after implementation.
  3. Holistic Approach ... Our holistic approach to solution design enables us to build SharePoint solutions that are simultaneously simpler, less expensive, and quicker to implement. We include your current technical context and organizational culture in the "design mix" so we can move your people forward with specific short-term achievable goals then build on that foundation of good will, trust, and shared success. User adoption is the cornerstone to the success of any business solution.

We love the variety that our work brings and enjoy hearing about people's unique business and technical challenges and goals. So if you have SharePoint requirements or questions don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know how we might be able to help!

More About Us

SMB Focus

The Office 365 Cloud!

While we've done a fair amount of work for some big clients over the years, we really appreciate the impact that the latest version of Office 365 can have for small to medium businesses. While Fortune 500 companies are looking for ways to save money, SMB's are finally getting their first opportunity to use the same sophisticated IT platforms as the "big guys" and do it cost-effectively.

Two Scenarios, Two Solutions

To help SMB's start off on the right track or get back on the right track with Office 365, we have designed two focused service offerings. Each one is based on our best practice SmartPortal Architecture™.

Office365 SmartStart™

This is for SMB's who haven't made the move to the cloud yet and want some help getting there. Your unique short and long term business requirements will greatly influence your path to the cloud. FTG can help you move your current Exchange environment to Office 365 and set up your SharePoint environment based on our SmartPortal Architecture™. Our holistic, consultative approach can help us chart a path that makes the most sense for your business.

SharePoint Mulligan™

This is a service for SMB's who are already using Office 365 but either don't have Microsoft Partner to help them, or who's partner doesn't specialize in SharePoint. If your O365 environment is disorganized, you suspect you've got a shaky foundation, and are intrigued by the idea of using SharePoint to bring it all together, check out our 2-3 week, fixed-price SharePoint Mulligan™.

Microsoft Partner Specialization

There's so much technical variety and depth in Office 365, it's becoming increasingly common for Microsoft Partners to specialize in certain areas of the overall "O365 solution stack". For this reason, Microsoft has made it easy for businesses with Office 365 to get help from different partners for different components of Office 365. So, for example, a business could continue to use its current Microsoft partner for Exchange and Lync, and add a second partner (e.g. FTG!) to structure and implement the SharePoint part of Office 365.

The FTG Difference

Getting SharePoint "right" is critical to the effectiveness of your Office 365 environment because many features in Office 365 use SharePoint as the user interface and underlying foundation. When it's properly configured, SharePoint can be a unifying framework that integrates all the disparate pieces that make up Office 365 into a cohesive business environment that people understand and like to use.

Because Microsoft SMB partners who migrate clients to Office 365 are often focused on Exchange and shared drives, SharePoint is often ignored or not properly configured to match a client's business organization and processes.

FTG's combination of business experience and strong background in building SharePoint solutions can be a major advantage for SMB's with Office 365.

SmartPortal Architecture Diagram
Microsoft Cloud Partner Image

Office 365 News

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FTG Fundamentals

We Listen

We listen carefully to your current and future challenges and goals and identify your most important priorities. We make sure we understand and that we're all on the same page.

We Inform

We let you know of new SharePoint capabilities and how they may best be leveraged to your advantage. We make extensive use of remote meetings and desktop sharing so we can show you what we're talking about real time..

We Envision

We work with you to develop a shared vision of the solution we're building and the overall approach we'll take to get there. We balance costs and benefits of different options so you can optimize your tech spend.

We Design

We design the solution and make sure that it captures all the key aspects that we envisioned. We often do mockups and prototype key elements to get your early feedback.

We Build

We have built and implemented a wide variety of SharePoint solutions from small POC's to multi-phase rollouts. We can adjust our build and implementation process to match the scope of the project and client preference.

We Support

We're here for you! Each business client has a password-protected portal for access to FAQ's, training videos, project documentation and deliverables, previous service requests, etc. If you want more, we also offer ongoing O365/SharePoint support for a fixed monthly fee.

1 Strong IT Background
5 Major SharePoint Versions
14 Years In Business
82 SharePoint Projects

Our Work Check out some of the work we've done for these well known businesses. FTG was the prime contractor on MANY of these projects and sub-contractor on others but always provided lead analysis, design, and technical roles.

Philips Medical Systems

Philips Medical Systems

Branding, Intranet, Migration
US Federal Reserve

US Federal Reserve

Architecture, Security, Compliance
Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch

Architecture, Design, Development
Loomis Sayles

Loomis Sayles

Business Intelligence, Development
Open Solutions, Inc.

Open Solutions, Inc.

Branding, Intranet, Development
Fair Factories Clearinghouse


Architecture, Design, Development


Architecture, Development
Tech Target

Tech Target

Architecture, Branding, Intranet
Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems

Architecture, Development
Levy Restaurants

Levy Restaurants

Development, Intranet, Branding
Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual

Development, Migration
Compaq HPTC

Compaq HPTC

Architecture, Documents, Branding
Combined Jewish Philanthropies


Development, Intranet, Branding
JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase

Architecture, Social, Branding
Related Companies

Related Companies

Branding, Architecture, Development

Our Services Key focus areas within the SharePoint "ecosystem".

Intranet & Extranet Solutions

Are you worried about your company's uncontrolled use of Dropbox and not knowing where everything is and who outside your organization can access it? We have developed a unique architecture for SharePoint intranet & extranet solutions that provides for ease of use while simultaneously focusing on security. In one case, one of our clients told us that a prospect was so impressed with their new extranet that it helped them close some new business.

Business Intelligence Solutions

Microsoft's BI stack is tightly integrated with SharePoint and Office 365 and includes a variety of "self-service BI tools" that are add-ons in Excel and enable power users to create and publish compelling interactive reports and dashboards. FTG can help you navigate options and build a custom BI solution that provides valuable new insights into your business from the data you already have.

Custom Search Solutions

SharePoint Search can index everything you might need to locate, including documents, list items, calendars, competitor web sites, and even people. FTG can help you configure and customize your SharePoint Search environment so you can get an immediate boost in the value of the information you already have and find what your looking for faster and easier than ever before.

Document & Record Management Solutions

Improving document lifecycle processes such as creation, categorization, distribution, security, and retention is something that we have been doing long before SharePoint came along. SharePoint has some great capabilities for document and record management throughout the life of a document. We can help you set up your SharePoint environment and define the major types of documents you use in your business and the metadata you can track for each type. In addition to content types, document-centric solutions often leverage SharePoint's managed metadata, workflow, and search capabilities.

SharePoint Development

When it comes to building SharePoint solutions, having a "real feel" for the platform makes a big difference. In one extreme example, we were able to re-architect an existing "solution" (actually created by a pretty great C# developer but with little SharePoint experience). Not only did we significantly improve performance and reliability, but we also cut the amount of code required from 100 pages to only 3! Although this was an extreme case, it's illustrative of the type of thing we see all too often.

Enterprise Taxonomy

In our experience, one of the most under-utilized components of SharePoint is the Managed Metadata Service (MMS), which enables the creation of business taxonomies that can be leveraged throughout the SharePoint platform. A taxonomy is a pre-defined hierarchy of terms and ensures that users always use the same term in scenarios such as checking in a document to a library, or when filtering search results, or when driving a document management workflow. We are a partner of WAND and can help you obtain an industry-specific "starter taxonomy" which we can import to SharePoint and jump start your effort to create a shared corporate taxonomy.

Partners Connecting with partners extends our capabilities and provides a catalyst for more business.

So ... think FTG might be a good choice to help you with SharePoint?

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